Conservation of Cheshmeh-Ali Historic Garden

(بزرگ (بیش از 2000 مترمربع / 1401- تاکنون / ساخته شده / طراحی شده / مجموعه های تاریخی

[Responsible for Rehabilitation and Restoration Design]

As a demonstrative of a fundamental connection among pristine nature, existence of human power in organizing space and significant role of water and green landscape to emphatically clarify ecosystem, “Historic Garden” presents an architectural concept , which carries the site has been settle by the garden.

The presence of historically architectural compartments naming pavilion, entrance monument and service spaces (brings a variety of histo-cultural meanings into “Garden Design” idea. The addition of “Historic” attribute into “Garden” caused the historic landscape to achieve a high quality equaling archeological conserved monuments.

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