Rehabilitation & Restoration Design of Fatemi Historic Mansion, Naein

Building / Designed / Medium (1000-2000 Sqm)

Naein is a ancient city, lies 170 km north of Yazd and 140 km east of Esfahan. Like much of the Iranian plateau, it has a desert climate that leads to central courtyard organization in Housing patterns.
The Fatemi historic mansion is the largest house in the city of Naein, which is located in Nogabad neighborhood, near the Sassanid castle of the city (Narin Qale’h). The construction time of the house dates back to the middle of the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar. The house was built by Massoud Mirza’s son-in-law; the ruler of Isfahan at the time was made for the new bride of the family. The house has 4 courtyards; Andarouni (family yards), Biruni (Commercial yard), crew, stables and more than 50 rooms, which was built in Iranian traditional houses styles.

1956 Historical Image

Plan & Sections

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