Iran Mall-Design and Construction

  • Alborz Tat Co
  • 1395

Iran Grand bazar complex (Iran Mall) as a commercial center, includes commercial, recreative, and administrative sections, is one of the greatest commercial centers in the Middle East and Asia. In this complex, one of the parts which its design is based on Iranian architecture pattern and language is Iranian traditional Bazar. This 6,000 square meter complex is designed and constructed by Emarat Khorshid consulting engineers based on Iranian Historical Bazar architecture. In this complex ornaments and elements of Iranian architecture are used as their original style In order to be responsive to the needs of the moment based on historical methods.
In the whole place, the ornamental patterns of Iranian original architecture are used and effort was made that neither structure nor function is not diverted from original methods. The person present in this bazaar feels its true essence through the ornaments of domes and walls, Karbandi, Yazdi-bandi, Kaseh-sazi, Eslimi and khata-i paintings.


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