Res‌toration of Shakeri Mansion (Qom)

Building / Designed / Small (Under 1000 Sqm)

In the Qajar dynasty, Haj Askar Khan was one of the richest & and most influential merchants in Qom who built urban facilities such as an inn and a large bath in addition to his magnificent house. The house consists of two inner and outer courtyards and studies shows that the original structure of the house has changed in later periods by its new owners.
Field studies and pathological analysis indicates complicated problems in the foundations and walls that leads to deep subsidence & structural cracks in arches and bearing bases. Therefore, in the process of restoration studies that were done with the aim of turning the house into a hotel boutique, structural engineers came up with solutions to stabilize the soil and the foundation of the building, strengthen the walls & arches.

1956 Historical Image

Res‌toration Design

Plans & Sections

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